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Calibration Services

Calibration Services

WMCL - Weightronics Mass Calibration Laboratory is an independent mass calibration laboratory. WMCL have the capabilities of providing mass calibrations from 1 mg to 1 000 kg.

  • World Class Calibration Facilities
  • State-of-the-Art Equipments
  • Unmatched Standards
  • Highly Trained Personnel and Proven Calibration Procedures
  • Re-calibration for any Brand, Manufacturers and Designs
  • Accreditation

World Class Calibration Facilities

Weightronics Mass Calibration Laboratory was constructed to meet the strict environmental guidelines. In order to maintain the strictly controlled environment, the Mass Calibration Laboratory were designed and constructed within a building. The climate in the Mass Calibration Laboratory is strictly monitored and controlled having its own systems.

Temperature in the laboratory is measured and maintained at (23.0 ± 2.0) o C, ± 0.3 o C/h for Accuracy Class "E1", ± 0.7 o C/h for Accuracy Class "E2", ± 1.5 o C/h for Accuracy Class "F1" and below.

Relative Humidity is measured to (50.0 ± 10.0) % with no more than a 5% change per hour.

Barometric pressure resolution is 1 mbar.

Although the temperature and humidity are tightly measured and controlled, the design of the air handling system allows for minimal air velocity, so air currents are kept to a minimum.

State of Art Equipments

Our Mass Comparators used in Weightronics Mass Calibration Laboratory are state-of-the-art with the highest precision possible. WMCL can measure as precisely as 0.0001 mg as we are having the 5 mass comparators ranging from: 6.1 g x 0.1 ug, 211 g x 1 ug, 2300 g x 0.1 mg, 10100 g x 1 mg, 64.1 kg x 5 mg. All comparator rests on anti vibration pads on a marble table which also rests on the anti vibration pads to reduce effects from vibration. All comparators are interfaced to a host computer outside the laboratory for processing calibration data. Our customized software programs ensure the accuracy of the data collection and calculation process. WMCL metrologists and calibrators take more precautions to ensure that these high accuracy instruments will work to their maximum level of Accuracy.

Unmatched Standards

Weightronics Mass Calibration Laboratory traceability back to nationally recognized standards is guaranteed. Direct traceability to NPL - National Physical Laboratory, INDIA is achieved and maintained through the use of several standards that are not only returned to NPL on a regular schedule, but also are intercom pared in our laboratories to monitor their stability.

Highly Trained Personnel and Proven Calibration Procedures

World-class metrology facilities and state-of-the-art calibration equipments are only as good as the people who manage the measurement process. WMCL has the staff of certified metrologists and NPL trained calibrators who adhere to strictly established metrology practices in order to provide low statistical uncertainties second only to NPL. WMCL procedures utilize multiple standards during a calibration to assure accuracy of the process and to validate the standards. If a measurement does not pass statistical tests calculated during each calibration, then the measurements are repeated and investigation is initiated to find the root cause of the failure.

Recalibration for Any Brand Names, Manufacturers and Designs

We shall recalibrate and certify virtually any size or type of weights from 1 mg to 1 000 kg from any manufacturer.

We offers recalibration service along with calibration certificates for all weights ranging from 1 mg to 1000 kg, regardless to their accuracy class from E1, E2, F1, F2, M1, M2, M3 weights.

Recalibration of weights depending upon that how frequently weights are used, they must be recalibrated on a regular basis so that they meet the requirements for reliable measuring, inspection and test equipments.

In addition to adjustment and recalibration, our refinishing services can return your used weights to like new condition with precise polishing and refinishing. This will extend the life of your weights and weights sets and helps to avoid costly replacements. Weights cases can be restored and replaced also.


WMCL focus is to achieve the highest levels of accreditations for weights, mass standards and calibration services. Accreditations assure our customers that WMCL meets and maintains the most rigorous testing and manufacturing standards. Since 2008, WMCL is an Accredited Calibration Laboratory. The combination of a highly trained staff, controlled physical conditions and precise equipment enable Weightronics Mass Calibration Laboratories to produce mass metrology with very small uncertainties.