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In the day-to-day life of a human being in the society, metrology plays a vital role. Metrology is the science of measurement. The measurement system even changes the theory & thoughts of the people. The precise & correct measurement system may enhance a great contribution to the economy of the country by increasing the revenue in various sectors. It may play important role in reducing the revenue losses in every field where the weighing is required in any sector. Few people realize that not only industry but also many activities are affected if the required accuracy is not maintained in Measurement.

If a druggist is using a balance without knowing its accuracy, the drug dispensed may cause harm to the patient rather than to cure him.

It has often come to knowledge that certain precious medicines are banned to be imported in certain developed countries or have been returned back to the manufacturer due to Non-Accurate in Weighing.

After taking the above under consideration "FOR YOUR PRECISE & CORRECT MEASUREMENTS".

We use the finest materials available for the production for all of our weights and standards. For your most demanding applications, our precision weights are manufactured from certified special stainless steel which possesses closely controlled density, extremely low magnetic permeability, good stability and resistance to corrosion and handling damage. We manufacture and calibrate weights to meet or exceed the highest tolerance standards as per OIML.

Our every precision stainless steel weight is manufactured to meet the most exacting requirements for accuracy and appearance. Precision and detail are accomplished using the latest CNC - Computer Numeric Controller based working equipments. Our weight selection includes 1 000 kg Cast Iron Test Weights to the extremely precise 1 mg weight, highly polished one and two-piece stainless steel weights. We carefully attention paid to every detail of production. Weights head and necks are precisely shaped to give a solid, sure grip to forceps or weights lifters. Weights bottoms are slightly recessed to expose the smallest possible area of wear.

We are not only committed to quality calibrations, but to the product itself as evidenced by the introduction of a unique material used to manufacture weights having the special stainless steel with very low magnetic properties. We are also committed to achieving the highest levels of accreditation for all of our calibration services. We are continuing to develop the new calibration services to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Our Quality Control Department keeps the strict watch on the quality of each & every weight and tests them on various parameters. Afterwards only the approved weights are sent to the correction room for adjustment the masses. Finally our laboratory verifies the accuracy of individual weight on the High Precise Mass Comparators of "Mettler - Toledo, Switzerland".

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